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What Is the Ideal Social Media Posting Frequency? Here's How Much You Should Post

BG Hamrick
by BG Hamrick on 2/7/17 8:00 AM

As an attorney or business owner, you may be wondering what your social media posting schedule and frequency should look like. How many times a day should you be posting to Twitter? Facebook? Pinterest? Google Plus?

Many studies have been done on this issue, and here, you can see a compilation of them, provided by Buffer. As you can imagine, Twitter would be an ideal medium for posting several times a day, due to the short and to-the-point nature of its postings and due to the fact that tweets quickly move out of your followers’ feed. On the other hand, Facebook and LinkedIn postings are larger and more detailed, and they tend to stay around longer. But how often should you post, exactly?

The findings for Facebook and LinkedIn are not surprising: LinkedIn postings should be done once a day, while Facebook postings can be done twice a day, maximum. However, you may be a bit surprised when it comes to other channels.

With Twitter, studies have found that engagement decreased significantly after the third daily tweet was sent out. Thus, 3 tweets per day is the recommended number. Interestingly, three posts per day is also the recommended number for Google Plus.

On the other hand, Pinterest users got the most engagement at five posts per day or more, while Instagram users were the most successful when they posted just once or twice per day.

Of course, all that posting will take a lot of time, which is why you should use an automation tool, such as Buffer or HootSuite.


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BG Hamrick
Written by BG Hamrick
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