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How Attorneys Can Use Inbound Marketing to Grow Their Practice

BG Hamrick
by BG Hamrick on 2/13/17 8:00 AM

Inbound marketing has proven to be one of the best investments and most effective methods of marketing across all industries, and it is uniquely appropriate for attorneys looking to grow their practice. As an attorney, you know how important the right words are in making an argument in court. Inbound marketing has similar characteristics that can help you find new leads to nurture as future clients.

How Does Inbound Marketing Work?

In essence, inbound marketing is an invitation for people to find out more information that is of interest to them. There are several tactics that you can use to make that invitation including SEO, paid ads, email marketing, social media marketing, articles and media content, TV and radio ads and mobile marketing. However, the concept behind these ads is to pique the interest of the viewer in order to entice them to click on a link to your landing page or website. (For TV or similar ads, they would be invited to go to that landing page or website.)

Creating Campaigns that Work

With the aid of an expert in inbound marketing, attorneys can create marketing campaigns to attract their ideal clientele. For instance, if you specialize in adoptions, you would create a campaign that targets the demographic that is interested in adopting using analytics to discover where to market to them.

Using tracking tags, you can get daily statistics as to the effectiveness of your inbound campaign to determine how and where it needs to be tweaked until the ROI is satisfactory. There are many nuances to finding the perfect mix of ads, demographic and marketing channels, however hiring a marketing firm that is experienced in working with attorneys can cut through the learning curve and net you the practice growth you need.


Like all marketing campaigns, there is an investment to get started with inbound marketing. However, the ROI of an effective campaign is well worth the investment. For case studies on how inbound marketing improved other law firms' practice growth, you can read about Main Line Family Law Center and Amerihope Legal Services, LLC.

Local SEO

Recent changes by Google have created new opportunities for local search engine optimization (SEO) that are ideal for inbound marketing campaigns for attorneys. To learn more about how you can grow your practice with inbound marketing, contact us.

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BG Hamrick
Written by BG Hamrick
BG Hamrick helps companies build their traffic, sales and profits online. As a popular Internet marketing and social media expert, consultant, trainer and speaker, BG has helped hundreds to increase traffic to their sites, to build their social media presence and impact, and to improve their website conversion.
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