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Become a local Superstar! Grow your local law firm with social media.

BG Hamrick
by BG Hamrick on 2/20/17 8:00 AM

Many attorneys and business owners, especially locally focused businesses, who simply think that social media is not right for them. They use their Facebook and Twitter accounts basically as placeholders, but have never found posting very effective. Moreover, they believe it is just too much work for what it is worth and they have a business to run. If you have thought this, you are not alone. However, we can help you become a local social media superstar.

Before we get started, we have to talk about the elephant in the room. National and global companies are coming for your customers. They are using social media marketing, and other online marketing techniques, to pull local customers into the big box stores or large chains. Social media helps you to create an identity, build trust, and develop loyalty in a way that a faceless corporation just cannot. Consumers want a personal connection, and you can give them that.

The fastest way to get people to tune you out is constant self-promotion. Ensure you are creating content that is informative, useful, or entertaining. Follow these easy tips.

  • Limit self-promotion posts to 20 percent of your content. The other 80 percent should include a combination of helpful or entertaining original and curated content.
  • Quality always beats quantity. However, a consistent schedule is a must. An inactive account cannot build an audience.
  • Highlight your community. Local interest content is especially important for small businesses. 
  • Use local hashtags. They create a clickable element in your posts and makes posts easier to find by those looking for local information.
  • Share the local content of others. This causes you to become a resource for local information and will help attract more followers.
  • Consider paid social media advertising. The major social media sites have robust advertising platforms that allow you to target your ideal local customer.

The most import tip to become a local social media superstar is to look at your analytics, evaluate what works and what does not, and then make adjustments. If you find that your followers love puppy pictures from local rescues, post more puppies. The key here is zeroing in on what is important to your ideal customers and creating quality content that they will engage with.

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BG Hamrick
Written by BG Hamrick
BG Hamrick helps companies build their traffic, sales and profits online. As a popular Internet marketing and social media expert, consultant, trainer and speaker, BG has helped hundreds to increase traffic to their sites, to build their social media presence and impact, and to improve their website conversion.
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